Backoff! Invisible fences to protect working dogs at risk from poison baiting

16 pages
21 Sep 2017
Benjamin Allen

More than 80,000 working dogs are used across the country to assist livestock producers in mustering and handling livestock - maintaining safe working environments and high dog welfare standards are essential. 

As the national dingo and wild dog problem expands and intensifies, livestock producers are increasingly required to use lethal tools to control wild dogs and foxes (such as poison baits and canid pest ejectors), placing their own working
dogs at high risk of accidental poisoning.

The primary objective of the Backoff! project was to identify a low-cost, user-friendly device and/or approach to safely keep working dogs off or away from a point of interest (such as a poisoned bait,
ejector etc.) without interfering with the normal behaviour and operation of working dogs or livestock.