Rural Diversity - Summer 2016

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16 pages
Code: 16-004
Published: 3 Mar 2016
Author(s): RIRDC
ISBN: 978-1-74254-850-0

Rural Diversity is RIRDC's corporate magazine.

Each edition covers a range of stories that span the variety of R&D programs managed by the Corporation.

The magazine is free to download as a PDF from the RIRDC website.

The stories in this Summer 2016 edition include:

- Honey bee health check

- Carob on the cusp of expansion

- Australian coffee industry looks abroad for new varieties

- Fatal attraction: taking on small hive beetles

- Simple solutions could halve on-farm deaths

- Rice industry leadership program

- Renewable energy for the chicken meat industry

- Renewable energy database to open new markets

- Diversity at your fingertips

- Vegetation screens improve the chicken farm environment

- Prestigious international award for Australian poultry research scientist

- RIRDC Managing Director, Craig Burns retires

- Training videos help lift beekeeper productivity