Longitudinal cohort study of horse owners

105 pages
2 Mar 2016
Melanie Taylor, Barbara Moloney, Hume Field, Nina Kung, Kate Sawford, Nicole Schembri, Anke Wiethoelter, Jenny-Ann Toribio, Navneet Dhand, Therese Wright

This report summarises the findings of a three-year mixed methods research study designed to capture factors that influence horse owner Hendra virus (HeV) risk mitigation practices.

The research project focuses on horse owners; their knowledge, attitudes, and risk mitigation practices, i.e. uptake of vaccination, property management, and biosecurity practices. A flexible research methodology enabled the tracking of core subject areas over time whilst also responding to new or evolving shifts in the HeV landscape, e.g. new HeV cases, event management, and issues arising in the vaccine roll-out.

By tracking relationships within the data and engaging with stakeholders and the horse owner population, it is hoped that findings from the study will help to identify important linkages and effective strategies for communication/information and policy implementation.