Priorities and Strategies for R,D&E of the Australian Truffle Industry 2014 to 2019

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24 pages
Code: 14-011
Published: 6 Mar 2014
Author(s): RIRDC
ISBN: 978-1-74254-627-8

RIRDC has been involved in the research, development and extension of the Australian truffle industry for the past two decades.

This Plan outlines the R&D priorities and strategies over the next five years for the Truffle sub-program. It builds on the outcomes of a series of stakeholder meetings and a variety of inputs from industry participants.

The Plan identifies key objectives for investment and areas for future consideration, detailing the agreed strategic research and development needs that RIRDC will pursue in partnership with industry. It focuses on priorities and on strategies that will strengthen industry engagement with R, D and E and best assist the industry to build and develop its future.