Effective weed control for talish and hairy canary clover seed crops

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105 pages
Code: 13-074
Published: 4 Dec 2013
Author(s): David Parsons, Peter Lane, Eric Hall, Angus Galloway, Ben Pham Van
ISBN: 978-1-74254-567-7

This report provides a description of a three year study involving glasshouse and field experiments designed to develop herbicide options for control of weeds in seed crops of two new temperate perennial pastures species, Trifolium tumens (Talish clover) and Dorycnium hirsutum (Hairy canary clover)

The report is targeted specifically at growers and potential growers of D. hirsutum and T. tumens seed crops. Agronomists and weed scientists will also benefit from having additional information on herbicide options for weed control in legume seed crop situations.