Options for Biogas Cleaning and Use On-farm

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47 pages
Code: 12-056
Published: 5 Dec 2012
Author(s): Jae Ho Sohn, Lyle Pott, Gary Collman, Alan Skerman
ISBN: 978-1-74254-399-4

This project investigated technologies for conditioning biogas for on-farm use, primarily focusing on the removal of hydrogen sulphide.  While several existing technologies have been successfully developed and used for removing H2S in large-scale industrial applications, this project has attempted to identify and demonstrate robust, cost-effective options, suitable for implementation on farms of various sizes, with minimal labour input and limited specialised expertise.

In addition to investigating biogas cleaning (conditioning), this project also involved installing a water heating unit (pictured on the front cover) burning biogas to heat water that is circulated through floor heating pads installed in the farrowing sheds at the QNPH Grantham piggery.  This biogas fired heating system has the potential to significantly reduce on-farm energy costs by replacing a significant proportion of the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) previously used for farrowing shed heating.