Sustainable Biomass Supply Chain for the Mallee Woody Crop Industry

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212 pages
Code: 12-022
Published: 5 Jul 2012
Author(s): Erik Schmidt, Rick Giles, Rod Davis, Craig Baillie, Troy Jensen, Gary Sandell, Chris Norris
ISBN: 978-1-74254-377-2

This Rural Industries R&D Corporation report provides a pre-feasibility assessment of the mallee woody crop supply chain based on a comparative assessment with the sugar supply chain. The report will assist in developing a sustainable supply chain for the mallee industry.

The report is targeted at the stakeholders of the mallee woody crop industry. Stakeholders include seedling nurseries and contract tree planters, farmers, harvesting contractors, road transport operators, biomass processors and conversion industries, consumers of the products from conversion industries, CRC, university and public sector industry development workers and private sector industry development individuals and corporations other than farmers.