The Effect of Storage in Collapsible Containers on Olive Oil Quality

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46 pages
Code: 12-008
Published: 16 Aug 2012
Author(s): Rodney J. Mailer, Kerrie Graham, Jamie Ayton
ISBN: 978-1-74254-363-5

This Rural Industries R&D Corporation report is the second part of a study on oil storage. Initial studies at the Australian Oil Research Laboratory (AORL), RIRDC Publication No. 09/160, “Effect of storage containers on olive oil quality”, investigated changes in oil quality when stored in extreme environmental conditions in a range of containers commonly used by growers in the olive oil industry.  The oil in some cases deteriorated quickly, reducing oil quality within a short period, sometimes in only a few days. 

This second study has measured changes in the oil when stored in a temperature controlled environment, away from direct light, reputably the most desirable conditions for storage of olive oil. The chemical parameters which are indicative of oxidation and ageing were monitored and results are reported here.