Identifying the Cause of Rot in Black Truffles and Management Control Options

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46 pages
Code: 12-005
Published: 28 Aug 2012
Author(s): Harry Eslick
ISBN: 978-1-74254-360-4

This Rural Industries R&D Corporation report describes findings from a study into truffle rot of black truffles cultivated in Australia, focusing on identification of causal agents and effective management tools. Truffle rot manifests as a soft rot, affecting immature truffles soon after initiation in February through till harvest in August.

Although the bacterial soft rot is the main symptom, it is not known if this is the primary cause of the problem. This study explores the nature of the rot problem over two truffle seasons and provides preliminary recommendations for minimising its impact on yields.
The report is targeted at growers currently experiencing problems with truffle rot and those wishing to avoid it.