Development and Use of Diagnostic Tools for Subterranean Clover Red Leaf Disease

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36 pages
Code: 11-107
Published: 19 Oct 2011
Author(s): David Peck, Nuredin Habili, John Randles, Ramkrishnan Nair, Geoff Auricht , Carolyn de Koning
ISBN: 978-1-74254-287-4

Sub clover seed production is estimated to be a $10-15 million dollar a year industry. Seed producers from the mid 2000’s have reported that an unknown red-leaf disease has been causing yield losses of up to 60% in their seed production crops.

This RIRDC report presents the results of a three year research project that investigated the causal agents of red-leaf disease in sub clover seed crops, developed diagnostic tools and developed a fact sheet on the control of red-leaf disease.

This report will be of interest to sub clover seed producers, pasture agronomists, sub clover pasture growers.