Evaluation of Biomass Potential of some Australian Native Grasses

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19 pages
Code: 11-101
Published: 29 Sep 2011
Author(s): Dr Ian Chivers , Prof. Robert Henry
ISBN: 978-1-74254-281-2

This RIRDC report outlines how a small range of Australian native grass species were evaluated to determine whether their total dry matter production would be sufficient to make them attractive alternative feedstocks for biofuel generation. 
Perennial grasses offer advantages over annual grasses of being more ecologically sound through reduced soil erosion potential, higher soil carbon retention and sequestration and reduced cost and risk to the producer. Australia has many native perennial grass species that are very long-lived, hardy and yet produce significant biomass quantities.
This report will be of interest to biofuel manufacturers biomass producers and researchers need information on the potential of native grasses as options for bioenergy production.