Folate Content of Asian Vegetables

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64 pages
Code: 10-167
Published: 20 Oct 2011
Author(s): Avis Houlihan, Matthew Pyke, Pieter Scheelings, Glenn Graham, Geoffrey Eaglesham, Tim O'Hare, Prapasri Puwastien , Wasinee Jongjitsin, Lung Wong
ISBN: 978-1-74254-134-1

Folates are one of the most nutritionally significant vitamins. Natural sources of folate are reportedly more effective than supplementation or fortification with folic acid. Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of folates which occur naturally in many forms or vitamers. With an expanding range of Asian vegetables and increasing consumer awareness and acceptance, it is timely to present information on the health attributes of these vegetables.

This RIRDC report provides information to industry and consumers on the folate content and folate vitamer composition of selected Asian vegetables grown in Australia, using a highly specific analytical technique - liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Analysis was also done by the microbiological folate assay, the current ‘gold standard’ and accepted reference method for folate analysis.