Future Surveillance Needs for Honeybee Biosecurity

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86 pages
Code: 10-107
Published: 2 Aug 2010
Author(s): Denis Anderson, Simon Barry, David Cook, Rob Duthie, David Clifford
ISBN: 978-1-74254-077-1

The Australian honeybee industry produces honey and other bee products for domestic consumption and export, through apiculture of Apis mellifera. The industry has an estimated GVP of A$80 million. In addition, the annual benefit of apiculture to general agriculture through plant pollination in Australia is estimated to range from A$4 to 6 billion. Because of the significant value of this industry there is a need for effective biosecurity. A component of this is the use of surveillance. This report considers a risk-based framework for exploring the costs and benefits of surveillance for exotic honeybee pests and diseases.