Defining the Unique Flavours of Australian Native Foods

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32 pages
Code: 10-062
Published: 3 May 2010
Author(s): Heather Smyth
ISBN: 978-1-74254-034-4

Australian native plant foods provide new and exciting eating experiences for consumers and have the potential to re-position ‘Australian cuisine’ as a contemporary food choice for consumers worldwide. The development of a common set of flavour and aroma descriptors and characteristics was identified as a key priority for the Australian native food industry. This research assists in the development and supply of product information to support market access and market growth for this emerging industry. This work was targeted so that a concise, consistent and accurate marketing message of the flavours of these ingredients could be delivered to customers. This report details the results of the development of the first ‘Australian native flavour wheel’ and sensory descriptions for sixteen of the key commercial native food species including fruits, berries, herbs, spices and seeds.