Assessing the in situ efficacy of tea tree oil as a topical antiseptic

71 pages
Code: 05-113
Published: 16 Aug 2005
Author(s): by S. Messager, K.A. Hammer, T.V. Riley
ISBN: 1-74151-176-3

Describes results of experiments conducted to examine the antimicrobial activity of tea tree oil and tea tree oil products. Results were obtained by examining the in-vitro antimicrobial and sporicidal properties of tea tree oil-based skin formulations using European standard methods, and then to investigate their activity directly on human skin using an “ex-vivo” test as well as on volunteers in-vivo according to the European standard method. Several formulations containing tea tree oil met the requirements of the European standards for antiseptics. These formulations show potential in reducing hospital-acquired infections, such as those caused by S. aureus.