Advanced biotechnology systems for propagation and breeding of Australian plants

Dr Anthony Scalzo, Max Crowhurst, Digby Growns

Waxflowers and red flowering gums are two of the most popular and commercially important plant groups in the ‘ornamental Australian plant’ industry. The forestry industry also uses&n...

Canopy management strategies for wildflower crops – A practical manual

Audrey Gerber

With the vast range of products grown in the Australian wildflower industry it is impossible to design a single canopy management strategy which will apply to all plants. This manual attempts to...

Economic Evaluation of Investment in the Wildflowers and Native Plants R&D Program

Agtrans Research

Wildflowers are produced in a number of locations around Australia, with significant growing areas in Western Australia, south-east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It is a relatively s...

Developing leptospermum for cut flowers

Anthony T. Slater, John D. Faragher, Slobodan Vujovic, Fran Richardson, Geoff Kelly, Peter Franz , MaryAnne Blakemore

This report describes the development of superior Leptospermum hybrids through a breeding program and the evaluation of post-harvest performance and techniques.

The report is ...

What Cut Flower is That? The essential care and handling guide for cut flower professionals

Delwyn Thomas , Bettina Gollnow

This publication contains everything the successful florist needs to know about sourcing, buying, storing, preparing and selling 116 flower products and 30 foliage products. Each full-page entry...

Getting Started in Wildflower Growing - How to grow native Australian and South African species for the cut flower market

Bettina Gollnow

This guide provides advice aimed at assisting potential wildflower growers to make a realistic assess-ment of their capacity to enter the industry and be successful. It also provides informat...

Growing Waratahs for Cut Flowers

Ross Worrall, Bettina Gollnow

This ‘how to’ guide has been produced for members of the Australian wildflower industry who grow and market waratahs, including growers, wholesalers, retailers, florists, exporter...

Growing Flannel Flowers for the Cut Flower Market

Ross Worrall

This ‘how to’ guide has been produced for members of the Australian wildflower industry who grow and market flannel flowers, including growers, wholesalers, retailers, florists, e...

Growing Christmas Bush for Cut Flowers

Ross Worrall, Paul Dalley

This ‘how to’ guide has been produced for members of the Australian wildflower industry who grow and market Christmas bush, including growers, wholesalers, retailers, florists, ex...

Progress towards Commercial Release of Ornamental Eucalypt Varieties

Kate Delaporte, Narhoja Omarhoja, Cassandra Collins, Michelle Wirthensohn

This report outlines recent developments in varietal selection, postharvest vase life determination and propagation by grafting of a group of ornamental eucalypt hybrids. Selected varieties w...

Development of Intergeneric Rootstocks for Christmas Flowering Verticordia – A new Christmas flower

Dr Kevin Seaton

Spreading the risk and having a competitive edge in marketing is critical to the survival of the Australian wildflower industry.

This research report presents the results of ...

Wildflower Irrigation Handbook

Denyse Corner

This handbook has been developed to address the key principles of efficient irrigation, with respect to the wildflower industry. It provides guidelines for establishing effective irrigation o...

Improved Market Access for Australian Wildflowers through Ecolabelling

Emily Rigby, Richard Gould

This report aims to provide growers and exporters of Australian grown flowers and foliage native to Australia and South Africa with the necessary information to help them make informed choice...

On-farm Evaluation of Grafted Wildflowers for Commercial Cut Flower Production

Jonathan Lidbetter

This report documents an integrated approach for on-farm testing of grafted wildflowers.

A large market exists for out-of-season production of currently grown species and for the p...

Research in Progress 2011-2012 - Wildflowers and Native Plants


Wildflowers and Native Plants RIRDC Completed Projects 2011–12 and Research in Progress at June 2012 contains short summaries of projects funded by the Program. The Program aims to prov...

Flowers 2011 – The Australian Flower Conference

Bettina Gollnow

This RIRDC report highlights the presentations made by the author at the Flowers 2011 Conference and introduces the trade booth set up to disseminate the wildflower quality specifications and...

Research in Progress - Wildflowers and Native Plants 2010-11


RIRDC Wildflowers & Native Plants Research in Progress Report, July 2011, contains short summaries of continuing projects as well as those that were completed during 2010-2011. This progr...

Quality Specifications for Gymea lily

Dr Ross Worrall, Bettina Gollnow

Gymea lily plants are grown both for their huge, spectacular flower heads and for their large, flat green leaves.

Quality Specifications for Christmas Bells

Bettina Gollnow

Christmas bells are distinctive flowers with great consumer appeal and a long vase life. As the peak flowering season is in December and January, the name ‘Christmas bells’ is app...

Quality Specifications for Thryptomene

Bettina Gollnow, Dr John Faragher

Thryptomene is an important filler product from the Myrtaceae family, to which waxflower belongs. It has similar postharvest handling requirements to waxflower.